Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Gifts

Christmas is silly.  It is a great time to make something new for someone.

I try to take advantage of the opportunity!

This thing was huge.  I had a little help with the curtains, and my wife painted the tan into brown.

This was for my niece Angil, as the A at the rooftop indicates.  The dog is her dog, the one on the backboard that is.  I discovered a few buttons which made sounds in this thing, so it got some fresh batteries, and the address above the door is one which she knows so that's a thing too.

I picked up a lot of little things to add, like the tv on the roof, the tea set, the trees, and the *ahem* machine gun emplacement.  (She has a rad brother too!)

The best dollhouse ever made.  It was fun.

- J.

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