Monday, April 14, 2014

Colorado Springs part 2

Here are a few of the commissions and show pieces I completed during this con...

Batman sticking out his tongue, which was fun.  A few years ago at Rose City Con (if I remember correctly) I was asked to draw Batman with a Beard in a sketchbook.  The page before me was Matt Wagner and a few pages behind me was Levi Skeen, who is a cool guy and talented who is from my hometown of Spokane back west.  He inked some of my pages for his comic when I was twenty, or twenty one.  Thereabouts.

The next one is Slenderman, from a game apparently called Slender.  When I took the commission I thought that maybe Slenderman was the protagonist character... but as I was drawing it out it became more obvious to me that he was probably chasing the player... ooooo beware.

Lastly an arctic black ops Turtle.  Which one is it, hmmmmm?  I think I'll be developing this into a large print eventually.  Too fun.

- J.

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