Monday, January 18, 2016

311 Book - flashback from 2012

So, here's a book I made from start to finish:

I built a 30 page "311" fan book.  I never advertised having made it, it never got documented in my portfolio.  In a tale of "scope gone MAD" I took on a $500 commission in 2012, and then it turned into what should have been a $3k project.

I basically got bullied into never stopping work on it.  So, four years later, here's the cover for the unfulfilled "311" fan book I built.

It was actually print-ready... I had started work on the second of FOUR of these, having never collected the initial confirmation fee, before I got the nerve to stand up for myself.

Don't ever work for free based on promises.  Work for pay based on being paid.

- J.

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