Thursday, February 4, 2016

2 Hour She-Hulk

Just made a little 2-Hour She-Hulk with a mix of india ink brushed with my brand new (first time used) Windsor & Newton 7 #1 and a watercolor fibre pen.

She's ugly.  I like it.  Her underbite is cute.

Skin tone green is hard to get right with watercolor, she looks a little... ill.  That "four color funny book" green is a lot more primary than this is.  I'm going to tackle her again soon for sure.

It's on ebay.  The name is "She Hulk J James McFarland view online live ORIGINAL"

I cast it on periscope while I drew it... but I suspect that I didn't actually turn on the camera.  Yes, yes, that's true.  Sure is me, yep thanks.

- J.

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  1. Here is the video. I found it, I did record it after all.