Friday, April 12, 2013


Every so often I get one of those really good days where I can meet and socialize with other local artists.  Sometimes it is figure drawing, more recently it's location sketching.

This time was at the Richland Public Library a handful of weeks ago.  The point of these sketches is a fast, quick and dirty depiction of a locale.  It's more about speed than anything else, but great fun and relaxing.

This is the view from an upper window.  It was a 40 minute sketch.

These two are from odd angles.  The pencil sketch is the coffee bar, the quick ink sketch was about 7 minutes and is a woman I was "spying on" from above at the next floor.

Ed invited me down, and Jim drew this sketch.  I'd met Nancy before, and Greg suggested we go down to the same local taphouse which I have a very complicated history with.  It happens to be the same place I painted these HIS and HERS restroom doors but I didn't share that with anyone there.

I'm like that.  A lot of the time I let stuff just go which I could comment on, maybe it's bad for networking but it's just the way I roll.

Jim quietly sketched us all sitting around.  This is his art below.

That's me, third from the left.  You can see more of Jim Bumgarner's work on his site here   including several which are going to be used in some upcoming trade magazines throughout Spokane which is pretty cool.

- J. 

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