Friday, April 5, 2013

PolitiK Paradigm

One of the most challenging undertakings I have done has been the production and distribution of small, self published "zines" covering a variety of topics.  The research time on the topics alone was in the hundreds of hours, and each zine became larger than the prior one, and with more detailed illustrations as well.

The fourth of five published issues is PolitiK : Paradigm and the subject matter is media manipulation and partisan battles.  It deals heavily in tolerance issues and exploring themes of interpersonal relations in the public domain.

While the earlier issues were largely about trying to find a strong methodology for production and creating a system of marketing while focusing on niche or taboo topical issues, this particular issue dealt more specifically with what is essentially my philosophical views on society in general.

If PolitiK the series does become Politik the big whole book one day, then Paradigm can be considered the thesis.  If PolitiK as a series becomes a pursuit that I choose to not continue in the future, then Paradigm will continue in another format.

The cover to PolitiK : Paradigm is pictured below.  As a (certainly fascinating) piece of trivia, the cover was originally hand painted on a 38 inch by 24 inch sheet of heavy fibrous watercolor paper, years before PolitiK as a series had even been conceived by me.  I think that would date the original version of this piece back nearly nine years... but as my thoughts on the greater world around me and politics and society tend to grow and evolve, I do find that my core beliefs remain consistent.  For that reason the original art watercolor of this piece is probably the one of the earlier pieces in a long, long progression of edgy political work.

Incidentally, you absolutely can purchase your very own copy of PolitiK : Paradigm here at my shop, or any other of the PolitiK series as well.

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