Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rose City Comic Con 2013 Part One

This year saw the second annual Rose City Comic Con.  The convention has moved into the convention center from it's original location at the Doubletree banquet room, and suffered much the same way from the new location's drawbacks as did Stumptown when it moved.

I debuted a preview print copy of Maize during the event, and took a very long, rough train to get there.  Never try inking with a quill pen on a train!

One commission I had was a Hawkeye, for a young lady who was working for a comic company there.  She had a thick sketchbook of only Hawkeye sketches, and I noticed that the page before mine was a sketch by my old friend Levi Skeen who I still see at shows a few times a year.  He was actually the first artist who ever inked my work, which was a good learning experience for me... oh man that would have been in 2000 or 2001 maybe.  I still have some of those pages around here...

Good show, exhausting though.  A lot of the very big pros gave me quite a bit of their time, so a big thank you to everyone who reviewed my work and suggested improvements!

- J.

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