Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mitch's Girls

Here is a commissioned piece which was a blast to put together.

Originally Mitch and I discussed doing this as two smaller pieces back during the 30 Characters challenge for this year...  ultimately the project was pushed back due to his scheduling demands.  So, now the piece became a two character piece and became much, much larger.

The original art for this piece is about 17 x 15, which is a pretty big scale.  The women pictured are his girlfriend and her best friend, so it was important to me to get the facial features correct.  The request was to display their friendship and to make them into superheroes.

When I asked him to some input on their "likes" it was given to me that Lauren loves cats, and Anne loves Abraham Lincoln.  I didn't feel comfortable making a Catwoman design or a genderswapped Honest Abe since I only met the girls once, so I worked that into their picture.  The bubbly shapes on Lauren's costume have everything to do with this RAD 1920's jewel and chain necklace which she wore in one of the reference pictures, and I went kinda "standard James" thinking for Anne's attire.

Fun stuff! 

- J.

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