Thursday, February 13, 2014


Last year my good friends in SE Portland put on an art show.  It was about "food" but otherwise open ended.  Now, this was a group which I was a part of for three plus years, probably over four years, and which I continue to visit every time I come to town, so I had to do something big and fun.

The final product was an image of two disturbing lovers, and it seemed to be some kind of alright to me.  It was a 3 foot by 4 foot acrylic painting, and I painted it flat on my big picnic table in my back yard, which was in the desert.  The heat was in the 100s that week, which was AWESOME for laying down layers quickly.

I also got crazy sunburned.  Ick.  Well, it happens all the time for me I guess.

I sent it in the mail in a tube, rolled up with the top brace bar and a bottom weight bar, as well as the ropes to hang it, and popped some grommets in it to make it all come together.  Couldn't figure out any other way to ship it for display, but it's a format I'm definitely going to use again one day.

This is a really great group so if you are ever down there in SE I encourage you to check it out.

- J.

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