Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Denver Comic Con Part Three

Denver Comic Con had those nice big tables so I could really stretch.  At this point I can fill a table of any size, so it's mostly a matter of trying to minimize my work into a careful arrangement, and a lot of decision making about what material to show and what to remove permanently from the table.  The last two years I have been letting much of my early prints and books run out and disappear, and that's a nice feeling.

- J.

This was a different commission for me.
Usually when art is commissioned from me, it is owing to an interest in my art style or personality.
Is this one random?  Oh well, Darkwing Duck, hey, he's rad.  I'll draw him any day.

Some of my favorite cosplayers from this day.  Say what you will,
Venus DeMilo is a cool looking ninja turtle. Also, creepy Skull Kid, Flash Thompson Venom with Asuka (she's rad), and a wicked cool Warpath and Dani Moonstar.

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