Wednesday, October 8, 2014

24 Hour Comics Day 2014 : Tommy Timewarp

The 2014 24 Hour Comics Day I attended was at Time Warp Comics in Boulder this year.  This is a great shop, with decades of award-winning history.

 Over the years, many artists have drawn different versions of their mascot characters... there are a lot of them to choose from.  Tommy Time Warp, his sister Tammy Timewarp, dinosaur teammates Dweezil and Tiberious Rex, and more.  These characters were created by the late great local artist Steve Swink, and Wayne Winsett (the owner of Time Warp).  Wayne explained to me about how the characters were alternate versions of each other mirroring the different creator's interests, so I chose to finish out my last five pages with a Tommy Time Warp Adventure in space, with the two different ships and crews coming together and encountering my own creation, Aric Thee Redd.

It can be read as part of the Aric Thee Redd comic (as the events fall between and clarify the events of that story) or on it's own.  Here is the finished product, being hosted by Paper Dream Production's Jay Sternitzky, who hosts this event.

- J.

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