Sunday, December 28, 2014

"The Line It Is Drawn" - Artist Try-Outs

Comic Book Resources is now accepting public votes on which new artists to enlist in their weekly draw-off, "The Line It Is Drawn."  Readers of the column submit bold ideas weekly, and the standing roster of CBR artists then have to depict whatever crazy and fun suggestions get thrown their way.  It is rare that they hold artist selections at all.

It is with great excitement that I request your input in this competition!  I have made the final cut after several weeks of Try-Outs, and would like to ask you to vote for me.  These are the three images I have submitted for this pursuit.

Please consider taking a brief moment to vote for me, and if you have the time and are interested, there are 8 other pages of talented artists to look at.  You may vote for more than one which is pretty cool!

- J. James McFarland

- J.

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