Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Go to Work

The beginning of September, I set up shop in a brand new studio space.

Upon awakening the first day there, I chose to leap to my feet, race to my drawing table, and begin an extensive work day.  Only... that's not what happened.

Fatigued, exhausted and confused, I could not move for nearly an hour and a half, so physically and mentally drained from the prior months of moving.  Staring, staring at the ceiling.

Knowing the power of setting a strong mental predisposition to the new surroundings, I determined to capture that moment instead.  Thus, still worn and weary, I went straight to my table and captured that moment.

This has gone on to be both my fall 2015 business card image, and also the cover to my 2015 Rose City Comic Con print portfolio for Portland in September. 

I'm rather fond of it.

- J.

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