Friday, November 13, 2015

Aura Gaia - Aurora Rise 2015 (pt 5)

This is an explanation of Aura Gaia.

Lord Know is the antagonist of Aura Gaia.  He is evil.  (He apparently likes Facebook.)

A technological ruling authority, Lord Know can see all you do, through the lens of himself and his many bodies.  The character established himself first on Facebook, directly speaking to expected guests of the 2015 Aurora Rise event.  Revealing himself 10 days prior to the event, he led with a string of confirmations that you "have been a good human" and acknowledging you for staying "subservient."

Next, Lord Know began a series of posts explaining that his "Gardeners" would be coming through your "zone" soon, and to follow their directions.  Eventually, one of these masked Gardeners began to address the same online users, the guests of Aurora Rise.

This character was Aura Gaia, and she would use her own account online to slowly reveal the actual cosplay of Krista Kirkpatrick's creation over the next five days.  This would allow for the philosophies and world of "the future of the Techno-Ecology" to be explored.

- J.

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