Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Project Management Part One

Back in the end of August of this year and through the end of September I took on my biggest independent contracting gig EVER. 

>(And that is saying something after the campaign which I built a website for, doorhung for, met with radio folks for, built signs for, and even more!)<

This local shop needed help with a huge series of similar but separate jobs which I was tasked with organizing, designing (and re-purposing old designs), utilizing and setup of the plotter, and the actual physical construction of the end products, which were gigantic signs.  Big huge gigantic signs.

The signs were all for installation in a variety of locations, and for a variety of purposes.  Some required different materials for food grade only purposes, and some were just for labeling machines and tools.

These pictures above are of the charts which I devised to maintain the project openly and so all other people in the store could tell what it was that I was doing.  The processes were all separately recorded.

Each line item on the chart is a separate gigantic pvc sign, or in MOST cases three to five of these signs.  The pieces all flow to the right which indicates completion. 

One of these line items was 37 small signs.  So the numbers above are falsely misleading.  There were probably 100 signs or so.

- J.

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