Sunday, February 17, 2013

Teenage Mutant Ninja Leonardo

Here is one of the figures in the background of the print I am developing for this coming Con season.

I'm working on it in between client projects, and having fun sort of "tweaking" each recognizable character in simple ways to bring them across...

... I chose to use "naked" turtles for the print, to make the viewer work a little harder at figuring out which one was which.  I recently saw something making fun of the little letters they had on their belts when I was a kid, and thought I would push this in the other direction.

Let's face it, everyone knows who the four brothers are.  It makes logical sense to have "flags" like masks of different colors, or always having weapons, in order to aid in confusion-free storytelling.

Bah!  Who needs it!

Here's the prior sample...

- J.

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