Monday, November 9, 2015

Aura Gaia - Aurora Rise 2015 (pt 1)

This is an explanation of Aura Gaia.

This is a fictional, future- based character which I co-created with a well-known Denver based cosplayer named Krista Kirkpatrick (and you can find her online under the name Cosplay Rocket).

November 7th and 8th 2015, the Aurora Rise event occurred.  This was the fourth annual charity fundraiser for the families of the victims of the 2012 Dark Knight Century Theater shooting.  This year, we did something new.

Krista and I were hand-chosen from the community to put together a new character, and to present it as a series of illustrations, prints, a spoken-word origin, and a full-concept cosplay.

Our character was Aura Gaia.

I will spend a few posts discussing the character and process.  This was the final print of the collaboration, and also the final costume of Krista as Aura Gaia.

- J.

Aura Gaia part one -

Aura Gaia part two -

Aura Gaia part three -

Aura Gaia part four -

Aura Gaia part five -

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