Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Aura Gaia - Aurora Rise 2015 (pt 3)

This is an explanation of Aura Gaia.

One of the stipulations of the Aurora Rise 2015 Cos/Art Competition was the creation of a "3 paragraph backstory" for the original character.

Never one to back down from a challenge, in addition to the formal 3 paragraphs, I also made a 3 page comic for inclusion in our character presentation booklet.

Largely tongue-in-cheek, it was important to have some reverence for the character, trapped in an absurd world.

In this way, I could illustrate out the understandings of this future world, the characters and villains within it, demonstrate the importance of the social understandings of the people, and Aura Gaia's place within it.

- J.

Aura Gaia part one -

Aura Gaia part two -

Aura Gaia part three -

Aura Gaia part four -

Aura Gaia part five -

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