Saturday, August 25, 2012

Green Lantern Alan Scott

Alan Scott is the original Green Lantern from DC Comics.  He is to some degree, the Superman of the original generation of superheroes.  Barrel chested, wealthy like Batman, and really mostly a fist fighter despite his ring powers.

Overshadowed unfairly by Hal Jordan, the "movie face" of the Green Lantern name, Alan has definitely got one of the best costumes in all of superhero fashion.  I was commissioned to create this eight foot tall and four foot wide piece during a moment in which the Alan Scott character was being re-imagined, complete with a new costume (which is really pretty good as an update).  I intentionally chose to use the original uniform over the new since I consider it fascinatingly unique, and it predates almost all superhero designs so it is as raw and original as it comes.  It's always been a favorite of mine.

He is unique from other Green Lanterns due to his status as a team leader of the original World War 2 superheroes, the Justice Society of America, and now team leader of a world in which "more recognizable" heroes are all dead, which I think is a downgrade in stature.  At the same time, it is basically his Silver Age status restored, so whatever... I'll let others argue that one out!

This was originally commissioned as a stand-up for portrait opportunities, as seen at here on my portfolio and is now available due to popular demand as a lithograph poster of 11 by 17 inches size.

Hot on the heels of the Green Lantern movie, the character Green Lantern is now a household name, and with the media attention given to the New 52 DC relaunch and Alan Scott in particular, it's well past time Alan got the attention he deserves as the most stand out Green Lantern.  Hopefully he becomes the most popular GL.

This piece was a commissioned piece for Adventures Underground in Uptown Richland, purveyor of fine music, books, collectibles, and more!

If you would like to purchase an 11x17 lithograph print of this, it is available in my shop here.

- J.

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