Monday, August 27, 2012

My Sustainance

Zach and Emily Kosta are the organizers of the long time running Craft Night Art Night in SE Portland.  Every Thursday night from about 7 pm to close, the event is held at Bar Carlo at 6433 Foster Road and is open to artists and crafters of all ages who would like to come and hang out, create something within a community of like-minded folks, and have a drink.

More recently, they have been organizing formal gallery showing at that location.  The current show is themed "Food," and you should go check it out if you are local.

When I first heard that the theme was "Food" my immediate thought was a couple embracing, something maybe a little zen/meditative.  Two people sharing an aura in one of those light-vein new agey things.  They would be sustaining each other. 

The situation was saddening to me, because there wasn't have enough time to do anything... the ideas sort of came at the right time for it to work out.  A few hours either way and it wouldn't have gotten done.  It was totally being taped up by myself and the shipper as the mailman was standing there with his fists on his hips.  When I painted this was all obsessing on symbolism after returning home from the Zine Symposium.  This was painted a day or two after it I think. 

I wanted a happy gory something.  A thing uncomfortable but warming in a way.  That is what this is.

This piece was put together pretty rapidly.  It is acrylic on canvas with mixed media for the framing materials.  It is currently a part of the display at Bar Carlo.  I think it dried in the mailing tube so go see it before it all falls apart!

- J.

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