Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Scary Cops!

In the midst of the madness which has been the last few months of my workload,
Rose City 2012 looms large as the highlight of the whole delightfully manic rush.

Many of the best discussions I enter into occur at the Portland cons, since it seems
I never know how to skirt controversy and confrontations, and this show was no exception.

Here is a piece I did on 11x14 inch paper, penciled and inked in a brief period of time.

It was a huge rush, and those kinds of projects always are interesting to view after the fact.

A fun conversationalist Eli wanted to have a rendition of an idea he had been working on
for an outside project, so I put together an illustration based on his desired imagery.

A father of several girls, and an active political activist, he wanted something to portray how
aggressive cops can ruin the dreams of young girls.  Scary aggressive cops?!

I can draw scary aggressive cops all day!

If this is interesting to you, check out PolitiK: Police State which is for sale and also
you can read it FREE online on my other site, because free is the way to be.

- J.

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