Thursday, October 11, 2012

Metamorphosis of the Metaphor

The Metaphor has come up to the newest level of it's evolution into sustainance.

Once it reached above the fenceline the weather turned big time,
so I thanked it for it's massive productivity and then cut it loose.

Now alone and on its own after the separation
it's time to hang it out on a line and give it time to dry up.

The seeds are really good.  They are tiny, but if I got one out of seven
of these plants to grow, then if I save 1/3 of these seeds
then when I harvest them NEXT year I could get a dozen or more sunflowers.

That's pretty cool.  When the work you have done starts to pay off, and it has taken
a very long time for results to occur, you know things are looking up.

- J.

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