Monday, October 1, 2012

Trust, Friend, Bully

Judging a man by his character can be a difficult thing.

Some people will trick, flatter, and bully their way into just about anything for free.

It is often hard to tell how to resolve issues like this however
luckily, most of the time a little patience will reveal an ambiguous man's true character.


Three weeks ago I had a young man at convention ask me
How do I protect myself against people stealing my work or taking advantage of me?

Well, someone who wants to do you harm, or is only out for themselves
will always try to take advantage of you
and make you feel guilty for it.

Those are simply character traits which you can't always see coming.

You can avoid people of low character by learning to spot telltale signs like:

-excessive flattery
-overbearing guilt trips
-ambiguous threats
-unspecific agreements
-handshakes every other sentence

After talking to this young man I chose to share some of the life lessons which I learned in my 30's and which I wish that I knew when I was 10 or 15.

Trust is about ways that you can interact with people which will make them feel valued.

Friend deals with understanding the difficulties presented by those who you let into your life.

Bully shows some sure sound ways to understand if you are dealing with a
common schoolyard bully.

These were also part of a "throw down" challenge to a friend of mine I have mentioned previously.  I'll detail that down the road when I mention Jet City.

These are test models for a younger age group presentation, will be available free online soon,
and are available online now, here.


- J.

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