Monday, March 11, 2013

Emerald City No. 02 HAMA

Larry Hama was at the show so I made it a point of stopping by his booth and meeting him.  I stood back and watched for a little while and it was literally a string of guys running over to meet him which was pretty amusing to watch.  He was cranking out sketches as fast as he could.  While I don't know exactly how many he drew over the weekend, I do know I saw one of them numbered "53" so he must have been hitting them under 20 minutes or so, or he wouldn't have had time to shake as many hands or stand for so many pictures as he did.  That's really fast, and seemed all from memory.

While there I too submitted a commission from him, a Stalker to go along with my sketch which Robert Atkins did for me a year or so back.  He actually did a comp piece as a dual commission with Hama, which you can see on his site here.   That's a brilliant idea, whoever came up with it.

My buddy Justin Zimmerman has been supportive of my work a lot in the past, and pretty much made me go back and submit the commission.  He's running a kickstarter campaign for his thick, fascinating trade paperback Other Worlds which you should definitely check out. 

- J.

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