Saturday, September 1, 2012

Captain America

... throws his mighty shield.

A new clip of the Avengers premiered last night online.  It's likely gone by now, and if you are into it you'll see it on blue ray, but MAN, that should have been in the movie.

This quiet, serene series of moments where Steve is walking through his new life, remembering old friends and old love, viewing old film clips, and having a brief moment of realization that he needs to move on and let old times go.  There were very few words, it was powerful storytelling.

I made this for a young relative of mine.  He was going out for Halloween dressed like Captain America and didn't have any shield.

WHAT!  NO SHIELD!  Gotta rectify that situation.

So this was my solution.  Heavy foamcore so it's light enough for a kid, thick straps with buckles on the back so that it won't fall off.  It was painted in about three hours.

Concentric rings are funny things to paint.  There is not actually any shadow or curvature to the surface of the shield, that is only indicated through the painting, as well as the inset rings.

- J.

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