Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rose City 2012 (4)

"People are Piranha"

That's what someone told me a few months ago.  I was working on a tattoo design for her, and since I was just doing it on a handshake, without any formal agreement, I ended up putting in about 20 designs and not making a cent.

What!  Yeah, I know.  Shame on me.

So at Rose City 2012 I visited my friend S. Mann at her booth and saw that she had produced a RAD wood press litho piece with piranhas.  "Love piranhas."

My first instinct was to go, "oh, too bad it's a piranha, because that has negative connotations for me."

That's right, I'm a tool.  How could I let a former experience which went bad affect me so much?  Oh, well, I got my head straight and snapped that baby up.  Why let ANYTHING cause you to feel so, so upset?

Anyway, I'm glad I got that figured out.  S. Mann creates the self-published comic Eyebot which only gets more interesting as you go.  Something tells me there's a lot more going on here with this story than I could even guess at.  As a fan of post-human technological speculation I'm really intrigued.  You can see S. Mann's work (including gallery paintings) at

Not personally sure what this whole Face Book thing is, but there's something like that available as well!

People are not Piranha, not unless you let them be.

I'd like to thank Cori B. too, who has helped me to get a lot of PolitiK and my other comics online.  I LOVE webdesign, but it's a lot of hard, monotonous tedium, and without her help only 3 of my comics would be online.  She's put in a lot of hours of time helping me get stuff put online and duplicating my page designs over and over to help me get that comics site to where it is now.  That was just wearing me down, and since she helped me get that stuff going I was able to move on to my portfolio site and my "meadow" site.

Thank you.

- J.

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