Saturday, September 15, 2012

Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing is good for you.

Every time that I am in a slump, or an artistic valley, or just really not producing work on par with what I SHOULD be doing, it's always a good idea to do Figure Drawing.

While I can't speak for all artists, it is true for me that I no longer actually see arms, or breasts, or noses, but that it all breaks down into shapes.  Distances.

The place I do Figure Drawing at every so often these days is unique in that it's actually clothed models which may be a first for me.  Additionally, the artists are all more mature and the sessions are REALLY long.  It's a good mix of experience in there, a lot of good work is produced.

My goal with this stuff has never been fancy looking finished pieces, but learning and understanding the figure more.  This session actually really gives people time to make a finished piece and that's nice.

Most of my interest in models these days revolves more around getting ideas on how people dress or groom themselves.  Sometimes it's hard to understand what someone might wear or shape their hair like if you are trying to imagine what they are thinking.

How do you imagine a character you are not supposed to understand?  As a writer, it doesn't make sense.

During the Rose City Con last weekend, I stood in Greg Rucka's line of fans to ask him how he writes a character with a deep understanding of who they are, and how to create a character you don't actually understand... not as a writer, but as a person.  How do you know when you are ready to commit to writing that character?

He gave me a solid answer, based on his brief understanding of my situation.  Organic works are okay, he said, and characters can change.  The character in particular whom I thought would be a decent representation of what I had in mind, he let me know, was fully formed before he went into it.

That's helpful.  If I need to spend more time with the gal in mind, I probably should.

Follow your gut instinct.

That's really helpful, and NOT the only lesson I picked up that weekend, though it's the only one I can share with written word (perhaps).

So, I need to write comics with her.  Take it off the pedestal and play with it.  I can roll with that.

There's a preview up on my comics page of another corner of that story, but she's not living in that segment.

She will be.

It's organic.

- J.

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