Monday, September 10, 2012

Rose City 2012 (1)

Just got back from Portland.  I'm probably more exhausted at this minute than I have been in a very long time.  That's maybe saying something, I think.  

I got a new hat.  My favorite hat got left at my buddy Dag's house by accident, so I picked it up at the First Thursday fair in Portland.  It was a super convenient find cause I was mad at myself real fierce for not having my good luck charm on me.  I was spending that day with  my old bud Mood and his pals Tuan, D., Petie, and Samhir.

 My favorite part of the weekend was my wife's reaction to a homeless man's sign.  He was going for one and he got it.  His sign said something fairly much like:

Please Help!  
Ninjas stole my girlfriend
and I need to collect 
ransom money quickly!
(or learn kung fu).

Since random inspirational cards are frequently to be found scattered around my home in times of stress or overwork, I thought I would leave her one for in the morning.  It's taking up her whole front seat.

It was a good weekend.  Off to bed now.  Early morning.

- J.

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