Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rose City 2012 (3)

Collaborative Works

In the past, I have eschewed collaborative endeavors due to bad experiences.  However, there simply is no good reason for that.

It has become my determination that I will now consider collaborative works.  The reason for this change in my work philosophy is simply that such work is valuable as a learning tool, and also that I now have the confidence and knowledge to go into a project with another, without getting busted or taken advantage of.

So, if a person brings me a sample, of either art or also writing, and wants me to either write, or draw, their work, then we can together learn to collaborate, write contracts, and complete something.

I will not work on any project with another creator for more than a small, fast project.  It will not be an extended partnership.  This way, it can be like "courting," as my new friend Richard suggested.

At first I told him that's not how it works, but sure, I can see that.  Easy in, easy out.

Let's make something together.

- J.

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